Our Association

In order to bond the clansmen together to help each other in a foreign land, our forefathers established Wong Kong Har Wun Sun Society sometime before 1870. Its name was changed to Wong Family Benevolent Association of Los Angeles, a mutual benefit non-profit organization, registered with the State of California in 1997. It is open to all descendants whose last name is 黃. At the beginning the Society was located in northeast of Los Angeles downtown, unofficially known as Chinatown. A sweeping fire in the area forced it to move with other similar organizations and businesses to where the Union Station is today.

In 1947, anticipating the need of land to build Union Station, the Society started the process of relocating – to find a new location to build a new building in an area the Chinese Community was to move to, door to door fund raising and designing. At last a grand opening was held at our present address in 1951. And up to that time the Chinese population of Wong (Cantonese translation) was making up the great majority of 黃 in southern California; other phonetically translated names such as Huang, Hwang and Ong became more obvious. Special recognition should be given to the Wongs, who basically started the Society and have been upholding the Association, from Toyshan and Hoy Ping Counties of Guangdong, China.

By John W. Wong, Chairman of the Board

黃榮俊評議長, 2/28/2012